Islip Beautification Society

Thank You to our Main Sponsor

Join us in enhancing Islip’s downtown charm! Become a part of the Beautification Committee and help beautify our community this spring.

Joining the Beautification Committee revitalizes downtown Islip, fostering a warm atmosphere for all. Contribute to transformative projects and make our town even more vibrant.

Your support is essential for these initiatives’ success. As a member or contributor of the Beautification Committee, you’ll help plan and execute projects improving downtown aesthetics. From planting flowers to organizing events, your involvement makes a significant difference.

Spring signifies renewal and unity in enhancing our surroundings. Volunteering or joining the Beautification Committee is an opportunity to give back and connect with others who share the goal of enhancing Islip’s beauty. Let’s make this spring a time of positive change and community transformation together!

Please mail your payments today with this completed form so we can get started! Or visit the Islip Chamber of Commerce website to Purchase your membership and Baskets Today!
Thank you for your interest in Keeping our Downtown revitalized!

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Thank You to our main sponsor.